The world's first absolutely secure SLED TV from Realme - price and start of sales.

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Realme has announced a completely harmless to vision TV Smart TV SLED 4K with a display made in SLED technology. The device supports Android TV, allowing you to watch movies from Google Play on the big screen. And the cost of the novelty is expected to be about 46 thousand rubles.

Technical specifications for SLED TV from Realme

Smart TV SLED 4K was the world's first TV with a completely new screen technology. Realme first announced the creation of a flagship display last month. Now all the features and technical characteristics of the device have become known.

The TV will be produced in one configuration with the following parameters:

  • 55-inch screen diagonal;
  • 4K resolution;
  • standard aspect ratio;
  • IPS-matrix with 178-degree viewing angles in vertical and horizontal orientation;
  • improved picture quality;
  • powerful built-in speakers in the amount of 4 pieces;
  • support for Dolby Audio technology;
  • 64-bit MediaTek processor with 4-core core.
  • At the moment, the only unknown remains what model the processor will have on the TV, and how much RAM it has. But the storage built into the TV has a capacity of 16 GB.

Functional features

Smart TV SLED 4K runs on Android TV OS, which means it has access to the Google Play branded software store, allowing you to download almost any program to it. The device also has the ability to connect to a router and phone. There is also a 5th generation Bluetooth module.

The TV is equipped with Ethernet inputs, a high-definition multimedia interface, and a multichannel amplifier with digital audio decoders with a serial interface for connecting peripheral devices. Two remote controls allow you to launch video hosting and streaming services. And the presence of a cloud service of a personal assistant allows you to control the device using voice commands.

The main feature of this TV is a relatively harmless SLED screen, the principle of which is fundamentally different from the usual quantum dot displays.

QLED devices have LED backlights that emit harmful blue color. It is located at the back of the screen, while an additional layer with conductors is placed on the front side. When light hits them, they also begin to glow, and not only blue, but also red with green tints. As a result, pixels of different colors are formed and a bright, holistic picture is displayed on the screen.

SLED renders the image a little differently. Three primary colors are used for illumination here at once - red, green and blue. According to the assurances of Realme engineers, this approach significantly reduces the negative impact of blue light on the eyes during prolonged video viewing. The number of layers in the display is also reduced, which means that color reproduction is improved.

Safe TV release date and price

India will be the first country to purchase Smart TV SLED 4K. There the TV will go on sale on October 16. And its price will be 43 thousand rupees or 585 US dollars. If you translate this figure into rubles, you get about 46 thousand.

However, the timing of the appearance of new items on the Russian market is still unknown. And it is generally unclear whether the TV will be sold in our country. So far, Realme products are presented in Russia only by smartphones, and then they are not very popular.

Realme has developed a completely new technology for transferring images to the screen, which will take away the strain on the eyes during prolonged TV viewing. In October 2020, the world's first SLED 4K Smart TV will go on sale in India, which will be radically different from the usual QLED devices. The novelty will cost about 585 US dollars, but the device will not be on sale in Russia yet.

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