Tea, coffee, cappuccino - 7 cool smart gadgets for hot drinks.

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With the onset of autumn, the love for warm drinks becomes stronger. It is not surprising, because what warms better on cool evenings than a cup of warm aromatic tea, hot chocolate or tart hot coffee? And in order to always have on hand a tasty drink of the ideal temperature, you should get special “smart” gadgets.


1 Smart thermos

2 Smart kettles

3 Hyper Chiller Coffee Cooler

4 Coffee and tea at the same time

5 Manual coffee machine

6 Alarm clock coffee machine

7 Cup with button for warming up coffee

Smart thermos:-

Today it is quite difficult to surprise someone with a pocket thermos, unless of course it is connected to the mains. This is the function that a stylish "smart" gadget from the popular Xiaomi brand can boast of. The device not only keeps the temperature of the drink, but also allows you to increase it, up to a boiling state.

The outer shell of the thermos is made of durable plastic, which prevents hand burns when heating the drink. Its internal coating is made of stainless steel, which excludes corrosive changes.

Smart kettles:-

Devices that are gradually replacing the usual electronic kettles, thanks to their wide capabilities. They can not only heat or boil water, but also have a number of other useful functions.

Among them:

  • work on timing (on / off at a given time);
  • controlled remotely using smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • maintain the required water temperature;
  • have various indicators to make it easier to use.

Smart kettles are produced by various manufacturers, including non-branded ones, so everyone can choose a device based on their own preferences and wallet.

Hyper Chiller Coffee Cooler:-

For lovers of cold coffee and other drinks, there is also an ideal smart device. Hyper Chiller is a gadget that allows you to cool coffee in just a minute without diluting it with ice water and other tricks.

Due to the direct contact of the drink with ice, the coffee quickly cools, but at the same time retains its concentration, and therefore the richness of the taste. The device can also be used to speed up the cooling of other drinks.

Coffee and tea at the same time:-

A device that will become a great helper for the family. It can be used to brew tea and coffee at the same time. Then not a single person in the house will be left without a favorite drink.

The device consists of two glass vessels on a stand, one of which acts as a drip coffee maker, and the other as a teapot for tea. The stand itself is connected to the mains, acting as a heating element for drinks.

Manual coffee maker:-

The device will become an excellent assistant for travel lovers. Such a coffee maker is convenient not only to use, but also to transport, thanks to its miniature size and practical design.

The gadget acts as a coffee grinder and coffee maker, while the amount of drink that it brews at a time is enough for exactly 1 cup. The latter, by the way, is built into the device itself.

Alarm clock coffee maker:-

The device will allow you to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, which will be accompanied by the sounds of an alarm clock. And all because the set time will contribute to the launch of the coffee maker.

Such a device for many will be the only way to love the morning.

The pleasant aroma of this invigorating drink will smooth out the unpleasant feeling after waking up early, especially in the cold season, when you don't feel like getting out of bed at all.

Alarm clock with coffee machine on the night table.

Cup with a button for warming coffee:-

A lot of things can distract from your freshly brewed coffee. And, of course, there is no desire to return to the cooled drink. You can of course reheat it in the microwave, but it's better to use a mug with a warming function instead. One press of the button and the drink will be warm again.

The device looks little different from the usual cups, but its benefits are much greater.

Modern gadgets facilitate not only communication, but also people's everyday life. Today, "smart" devices clean, wash and even brew coffee, and almost independently. Thanks to this, you no longer need to turn to the services of a barista to get fragrant tea, invigorating espresso or cappuccino with thick foam that easily holds a teaspoon, because all this aromatic splendor can easily be prepared at home, meeting autumn, as they say, in full uniform ...

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