How to make Photoshop for Instagram without being seen

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With the advent of social networks, and especially Instagram, Photoshop has become an indispensable tool for most users. With its help, you can not only improve the quality of the photo, but also make your face and figure more attractive. At the same time, you need to use editors wisely, as ineptly "corrected" photos can cause a wave of misunderstanding and ridicule from subscribers.

Best photo editing apps

Basically, bright and colorful photos get to Instagram, which instantly attract a person's eye. As a result, other pictures can fade and get lost amid this riot of colors. To prevent this from happening, it is important to process the image and apply filters to it.

For this purpose, special applications for photo correction will do an excellent job. The best of them are:

  • Adobe Lightroom is a professional editor with a simple and intuitive interface;
  • Snapseed is a great alternative to Photoshop for editing photos on your phone;
  • VSCO is the most popular editor among bloggers, which allows you to take pictures and immediately correct them;
  • TouchRetouch - allows you to remove an unnecessary item that spoils the overall picture;
  • Picsart - an application for creating pictures and overlaying text;
  • LayOut is an excellent editor for creating collages and correcting its components.
  • You can also use editors such as SnapChat, Prisma or Canva to create more creative shots.

In these programs, you can create collages, as well as turn photos into real paintings or even funny cartoons.

Photo on Instagram

For face

Probably, every Instagrammer has at least once faced the fact that he cannot post a photo with a gorgeous background and a beautiful location, due to an unsuccessful angle or makeup. However, do not rush to delete such pictures, since such flaws can be easily corrected using various applications.

FaceApp is an automated application that can create a smile on your face, change your hairstyle, or even apply professional Hollywood makeup;

YouCam Makeup - editor for correcting selfies close-up, which allows you to change any picture beyond recognition;

FaceTune2 is a virtual plastic surgeon that allows you to change the facial features of a person so that it will be invisible from the outside.

But you need to use such applications with extreme caution, as they can cause psychological addiction.

It will be very difficult to stop processing images in the future.

For body

And, of course, having worked on your face, you may have an obsessive desire to correct something in your figure. The Body editor does a great job for this. With it, you can make yourself taller, slimmer, lengthen your legs, reduce your waist, and even add abs. There is also a function for applying a tattoo and changing hair color.

However, when using the Body editor, it is important to be extremely careful, as when adjusting the figure, the surrounding objects may be distorted, and the presence of Photoshop will become noticeable. Therefore, at first you will need to practice and get a little trick.

You can also use the FaceTune2 app to manually adjust your shape. However, it has slightly less features than the Body editor, and the paid version is more expensive.

Today, literally from any, even the most unsuccessful photo, you can make candy. Special programs for processing images, of which there are now a huge number in application stores, will help in this matter. They can differ from each other in price and functionality, therefore, in order to save time and not install everything on your smartphone, clogging its memory, you can use the recommendations above.

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