Tea, coffee, cappuccino - 7 cool smart gadgets for hot drinks.


With the onset of autumn, the love for warm drinks becomes stronger. It is not surprising, because what warms better on cool evenings than a cup of warm aromatic tea, hot chocolate or tart hot coffee? And in order to always have on hand a tasty drink of the ideal temperature, you should get special “smart” gadgets.


1 Smart thermos

2 Smart kettles

3 Hyper Chiller Coffee Cooler

4 Coffee and tea at the same time

5 Manual coffee machine

6 Alarm clock coffee machine

7 Cup with button for warming up coffee

Smart thermos:-

Today it is quite difficult to surprise someone with a pocket thermos, unless of course it is connected to the mains. This is the function that a stylish "smart" gadget from the popular Xiaomi brand can boast of. The device not only keeps the temperature of the drink, but also allows you to increase it, up to a boiling state.

The outer shell of the thermos is made of durable plastic, which prevents hand burns when heating the drink. Its internal coating is made of stainless steel, which excludes corrosive changes.

Smart kettles:-

Devices that are gradually replacing the usual electronic kettles, thanks to their wide capabilities. They can not only heat or boil water, but also have a number of other useful functions.

Among them:

  • work on timing (on / off at a given time);
  • controlled remotely using smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • maintain the required water temperature;
  • have various indicators to make it easier to use.

Smart kettles are produced by various manufacturers, including non-branded ones, so everyone can choose a device based on their own preferences and wallet.

Hyper Chiller Coffee Cooler:-

For lovers of cold coffee and other drinks, there is also an ideal smart device. Hyper Chiller is a gadget that allows you to cool coffee in just a minute without diluting it with ice water and other tricks.

Due to the direct contact of the drink with ice, the coffee quickly cools, but at the same time retains its concentration, and therefore the richness of the taste. The device can also be used to speed up the cooling of other drinks.

Coffee and tea at the same time:-

A device that will become a great helper for the family. It can be used to brew tea and coffee at the same time. Then not a single person in the house will be left without a favorite drink.

The device consists of two glass vessels on a stand, one of which acts as a drip coffee maker, and the other as a teapot for tea. The stand itself is connected to the mains, acting as a heating element for drinks.

Manual coffee maker:-

The device will become an excellent assistant for travel lovers. Such a coffee maker is convenient not only to use, but also to transport, thanks to its miniature size and practical design.

The gadget acts as a coffee grinder and coffee maker, while the amount of drink that it brews at a time is enough for exactly 1 cup. The latter, by the way, is built into the device itself.

Alarm clock coffee maker:-

The device will allow you to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, which will be accompanied by the sounds of an alarm clock. And all because the set time will contribute to the launch of the coffee maker.

Such a device for many will be the only way to love the morning.

The pleasant aroma of this invigorating drink will smooth out the unpleasant feeling after waking up early, especially in the cold season, when you don't feel like getting out of bed at all.

Alarm clock with coffee machine on the night table.

Cup with a button for warming coffee:-

A lot of things can distract from your freshly brewed coffee. And, of course, there is no desire to return to the cooled drink. You can of course reheat it in the microwave, but it's better to use a mug with a warming function instead. One press of the button and the drink will be warm again.

The device looks little different from the usual cups, but its benefits are much greater.

Modern gadgets facilitate not only communication, but also people's everyday life. Today, "smart" devices clean, wash and even brew coffee, and almost independently. Thanks to this, you no longer need to turn to the services of a barista to get fragrant tea, invigorating espresso or cappuccino with thick foam that easily holds a teaspoon, because all this aromatic splendor can easily be prepared at home, meeting autumn, as they say, in full uniform ...

The world's first absolutely secure SLED TV from Realme - price and start of sales.


Realme has announced a completely harmless to vision TV Smart TV SLED 4K with a display made in SLED technology. The device supports Android TV, allowing you to watch movies from Google Play on the big screen. And the cost of the novelty is expected to be about 46 thousand rubles.

Technical specifications for SLED TV from Realme

Smart TV SLED 4K was the world's first TV with a completely new screen technology. Realme first announced the creation of a flagship display last month. Now all the features and technical characteristics of the device have become known.

The TV will be produced in one configuration with the following parameters:

  • 55-inch screen diagonal;
  • 4K resolution;
  • standard aspect ratio;
  • IPS-matrix with 178-degree viewing angles in vertical and horizontal orientation;
  • improved picture quality;
  • powerful built-in speakers in the amount of 4 pieces;
  • support for Dolby Audio technology;
  • 64-bit MediaTek processor with 4-core core.
  • At the moment, the only unknown remains what model the processor will have on the TV, and how much RAM it has. But the storage built into the TV has a capacity of 16 GB.

Functional features

Smart TV SLED 4K runs on Android TV OS, which means it has access to the Google Play branded software store, allowing you to download almost any program to it. The device also has the ability to connect to a router and phone. There is also a 5th generation Bluetooth module.

The TV is equipped with Ethernet inputs, a high-definition multimedia interface, and a multichannel amplifier with digital audio decoders with a serial interface for connecting peripheral devices. Two remote controls allow you to launch video hosting and streaming services. And the presence of a cloud service of a personal assistant allows you to control the device using voice commands.

The main feature of this TV is a relatively harmless SLED screen, the principle of which is fundamentally different from the usual quantum dot displays.

QLED devices have LED backlights that emit harmful blue color. It is located at the back of the screen, while an additional layer with conductors is placed on the front side. When light hits them, they also begin to glow, and not only blue, but also red with green tints. As a result, pixels of different colors are formed and a bright, holistic picture is displayed on the screen.

SLED renders the image a little differently. Three primary colors are used for illumination here at once - red, green and blue. According to the assurances of Realme engineers, this approach significantly reduces the negative impact of blue light on the eyes during prolonged video viewing. The number of layers in the display is also reduced, which means that color reproduction is improved.

Safe TV release date and price

India will be the first country to purchase Smart TV SLED 4K. There the TV will go on sale on October 16. And its price will be 43 thousand rupees or 585 US dollars. If you translate this figure into rubles, you get about 46 thousand.

However, the timing of the appearance of new items on the Russian market is still unknown. And it is generally unclear whether the TV will be sold in our country. So far, Realme products are presented in Russia only by smartphones, and then they are not very popular.

Realme has developed a completely new technology for transferring images to the screen, which will take away the strain on the eyes during prolonged TV viewing. In October 2020, the world's first SLED 4K Smart TV will go on sale in India, which will be radically different from the usual QLED devices. The novelty will cost about 585 US dollars, but the device will not be on sale in Russia yet.

Boots for virtual reality - strange know-how from Ekto One.


 Immersion in virtual reality brings a person extraordinary pleasure, tearing his consciousness out of the clutches of harsh reality. Manufacturers are constantly improving their creations to improve VR integration. And more recently, exciting information has emerged about robotic boots that will solve the problem of movement and allow you to perform more tricks.

Moonwalking boots

Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly capturing our attention, giving the opportunity to reincarnate in various heroes. So, to move to another dimension, you just need to put on a special helmet, and if you supplement your collection with tactile gloves, you can not only watch what is happening, but also touch it in a fictional reality.

The developers of the Ekto VR startup presented the special Ekto One boots to the fans of virtual reality, which still allow them to move in VR without the slightest discomfort. In fact, a person makes the minimum number of movements in the real world, and in the virtual world he jumps on roofs or walks along endless tangled corridors.

From the side, the maneuvers resemble a moonwalk, since taking a step forward, the person automatically returns to the starting position. The development allows you to fully immerse yourself in virtual reality and perform as many different actions as possible.

Specifications and Applications

The robotic boots are completely made of carbon fiber, which makes the construction as light as possible, allowing you to reduce discomfort while playing. Full integration with virtual reality is provided by HTC Vive Tracker, which reacts to the slightest human movements.

In the lower part of the structure, rotating plates are installed that rotate in the direction of movement of the user . As soon as the leg is on a hard surface, the mechanism returns the person to its original position. If it remains stationary, the brakes are applied to prevent slipping.

The cost of a strange novelty

This unusual device has certain drawbacks that the developers are trying to eliminate. Therefore, they have no plans to bring VR shoes to market in the next 2-4 years. If the necessary adjustments are successfully carried out, then full immersion in virtual reality will occur in 2022-2024. Until then, the manufacturer will not rush to name the price of his product, since much will depend on the activity of competitors and the conditions that the world market will dictate.

Immersion in virtual reality brings a person the most incredible experience, providing a unique opportunity to escape from the harsh reality. Manufacturers are constantly improving their creations to improve VR integration. Recently, exciting information has emerged about robotic boots that will solve the problem of movement and allow you to perform more tricks.

Robotic boots will expand human capabilities in VR, but we should not expect their release in 2020. In order to present a revolutionary product to the world public, developers need to eliminate several serious errors. In any case, the novelty has become a new step towards the improvement of virtual reality technology.

Canyon's incredible future bike.


 Scientific and technological progress brings more and more new fruits that never cease to amaze mankind. For example, this fall, the German company Canyon presented its vision of a bicycle of the future, which looks more like a single-seat electric car. Weather protection and compactness are two main advantages of innovative transport.

Technical features of the new project

The bike of the future from Canyon is difficult to compare with modern transportation, despite the name of the manufacturer. In design, it looks more like an electric car, but in terms of technical capabilities - an electric bicycle, which is controlled by joysticks under the seat.

It is barely more than 2 m long and only 83 cm wide. The bike is also equipped with a rack that can become a full-fledged seat for a child under 11 years old. Structural similarity with the car will protect the driver from wind, rain and other weather "surprises".

This will make it possible to extend the cycling season, relieve roads and reduce the negative impact of exhaust gases on the environment.

You can sit on the vehicle seat by opening the door, or by sliding part of the upper body. There is also a transparent windshield with a heater and wipers. The last two devices are needed to protect against condensation.

The bike has a built-in battery with a capacity of 2000 Wh. Thanks to him, transport can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h, driving up to 150 km. There is a second type of speed for moving along the cycle path (up to 25 km / h). It can be developed effortlessly by just pedaling.

Prospects for implementation

“Cycling of the future” today is a conceptual solution that, with a reasonable approach, can turn into a full-fledged project. Eco-friendliness and maneuverability are the advantages of a bicycle that solve two global problems of modern people: exhaust gases and traffic congestion.

Futuristic vehicles from Canyon are a safe alternative to the usual cars that mercilessly pollute the environment. Compactness and maneuverability - will allow you to forget about hours of traffic jams, even in large metropolitan areas.

Now the bike model is presented in one copy. It stands in the showroom of the company, located in the city of Koblenz, in Germany.

If the idea of ​​an electric bike is properly implemented, it could be the future. Transport, as conceived by the manufacturer, will become an impetus for the accelerated development of urban infrastructure with an emphasis on the environmental friendliness of transport, which has become so relevant recently.

How to make Photoshop for Instagram without being seen


With the advent of social networks, and especially Instagram, Photoshop has become an indispensable tool for most users. With its help, you can not only improve the quality of the photo, but also make your face and figure more attractive. At the same time, you need to use editors wisely, as ineptly "corrected" photos can cause a wave of misunderstanding and ridicule from subscribers.

Best photo editing apps

Basically, bright and colorful photos get to Instagram, which instantly attract a person's eye. As a result, other pictures can fade and get lost amid this riot of colors. To prevent this from happening, it is important to process the image and apply filters to it.

For this purpose, special applications for photo correction will do an excellent job. The best of them are:

  • Adobe Lightroom is a professional editor with a simple and intuitive interface;
  • Snapseed is a great alternative to Photoshop for editing photos on your phone;
  • VSCO is the most popular editor among bloggers, which allows you to take pictures and immediately correct them;
  • TouchRetouch - allows you to remove an unnecessary item that spoils the overall picture;
  • Picsart - an application for creating pictures and overlaying text;
  • LayOut is an excellent editor for creating collages and correcting its components.
  • You can also use editors such as SnapChat, Prisma or Canva to create more creative shots.

In these programs, you can create collages, as well as turn photos into real paintings or even funny cartoons.

Photo on Instagram

For face

Probably, every Instagrammer has at least once faced the fact that he cannot post a photo with a gorgeous background and a beautiful location, due to an unsuccessful angle or makeup. However, do not rush to delete such pictures, since such flaws can be easily corrected using various applications.

FaceApp is an automated application that can create a smile on your face, change your hairstyle, or even apply professional Hollywood makeup;

YouCam Makeup - editor for correcting selfies close-up, which allows you to change any picture beyond recognition;

FaceTune2 is a virtual plastic surgeon that allows you to change the facial features of a person so that it will be invisible from the outside.

But you need to use such applications with extreme caution, as they can cause psychological addiction.

It will be very difficult to stop processing images in the future.

For body

And, of course, having worked on your face, you may have an obsessive desire to correct something in your figure. The Body editor does a great job for this. With it, you can make yourself taller, slimmer, lengthen your legs, reduce your waist, and even add abs. There is also a function for applying a tattoo and changing hair color.

However, when using the Body editor, it is important to be extremely careful, as when adjusting the figure, the surrounding objects may be distorted, and the presence of Photoshop will become noticeable. Therefore, at first you will need to practice and get a little trick.

You can also use the FaceTune2 app to manually adjust your shape. However, it has slightly less features than the Body editor, and the paid version is more expensive.

Today, literally from any, even the most unsuccessful photo, you can make candy. Special programs for processing images, of which there are now a huge number in application stores, will help in this matter. They can differ from each other in price and functionality, therefore, in order to save time and not install everything on your smartphone, clogging its memory, you can use the recommendations above.

How to keep your laptop from overheating with coins.


In our time, it is difficult for a person to do without a computer. Many people prefer to limit themselves to laptops, because they do not take up much space, and their mobility even allows you to take equipment with you on the road. At the same time, with intensive use, this technique tends to heat up. Can I cool my laptop at home? We offer a simple and very cheap life hack.

About the potential of copper coins

About five years ago, a life hack for cooling a laptop appeared on Twitter, but the media paid attention to it only this year. Japanese engineer Suzuki Akinori suggests using copper coins for this purpose. The photo shows Suzuki spreading stacks of 10 yen coins, cast from a copper alloy, on the hottest part of the body.

The fact is that copper has a higher thermal conductivity than aluminum or plastic, which are used in almost all laptop cases. The thermal conductivity of copper is 401 W / (m K), aluminum - 202-236 W / (m K), plastic - 0.1-0.3 W / (m K). Obviously, plastic is a common heat insulator.

And in the case when the temperature of the conventional copper radiator (stack of coins) becomes lower than the temperature of the case, it will be possible to efficiently remove the heat generated by the laptop without making the slightest effort. It should be noted that the convective process (natural cooling) is almost independent of the characteristics of the material that gives off heat.

The inhabitants of Japan are more fortunate with coins than the Russians. Coins in denominations of 10 yen are minted almost from pure copper. They are 97% of this metal. The residents of Russia will also be able to find such people, however, for this they will have to try hard. For example, the old Soviet money until 1961 was produced from copper-nickel or copper-zinc alloys.

Copper coins have not been produced in Russia since 1926, although before that they had been minted since 1700.

Today's coins in denominations of 10-50 kopecks are cast from brass. The thermal conductivity of this material is 106 W / (m · K). The indicator is much lower than that of aluminum, so you should not use such coins to cool the aluminum case. But for a plastic case, such a cooling element is quite suitable.

Does the method work

Many Twitter users have taken advantage of the life hack, even Americans. They used British one penny or American one cent to create a mini radiator. The idea was even used to cool components in the computer system unit.

Not everyone liked Suzuki's idea. "Why look for copper coins and place them on the case if there are other cooling methods?" - users write. Some offer to purchase a cooling system, the use of which allows you to achieve a much more efficient result.

For normal PC operation, owners should not forget about basic hygiene rules: periodically wipe the surface of equipment from dust. As a preventive measure, experts advise regularly cleaning the air ducts with a vacuum cleaner, not forgetting about such specialized devices as cooling pads.